Tirar manteca al techo

Hola Tamara, tal vez sirva para el blog. Un pax me escribió preguntándome qué quiere decir TIRAR MANTECA AL TECHO. Te lo paso en ingles


During the decade of 1920 there bloomed in Buenos Aires groups of rich kids, young men of the best society who were killing their boredom in the fashionable cabarets. When the dawn to come, after having consumed a few bottles of champagne, the favorite amusement was consisting of placing the little breads that had exceeded of the dinner in the top of some cutlery, which was doing the times of catapult. Since then, " to throw(shoot) butter to the roof " has stayed in the current conversation as expression of partyng, of a bit mad squandering, of spending it well to any rag.

Silvina Vasconcelo

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