La receta de las empanadas en inglés

(la receta de Silvia Villegas)
Gracias Silvia!!!

Pour on the table about 500 gr of flour.- Mix it up with a tea spoon ofsalt and 200 gr. of butter or margarine.

Add bit by bit cold water till youget the paste, not very hard, not very soft.
Give to this the shape of (how can I say?) a ball and let it rest for abouthalf an hour covered with a napkin.

Divide the ball into 2 or 3 parts and then stretch them (one at a time) inboth senses with a kneading stick spreading some flour as a shower from timeto time (if not, it becomes sticky) till the paste becomes not very thin (about 3 mm).

Use a paste cutter or anything with a round shape (those glasses forchampagne are wonderful) to obtain the "records". Place on the center a spoon of whatever you like, ham and cheese, tunasauce, chopped meat, chopped spinach in a Bechamel sauce etc.
Stick theborders whether with water or the white of an egg. Also paint the upper part.
Pre heat the oven. Place the empanadas on anything flat you may have that accepts beingintroduced into the hot oven.
It will take about ten minutes to have them ready to eat.
DON’T USE THEMICRO OVEN!!!!! You can also dress them in a frying pan with lots of oil previously wellheated.
In that case don't paint them. That's all.
Enjoy them!!!

Typical argentine empanadas
Heat 1 soup spoon of oil in a frying pan.

When hot, add 2 or 3 onions (depending on the size) very very well chopped .
When they become rather dark yellow, add more or less 1 kg of very well chopped meat (it can be turkey, less cholesterol) , a small or a piece of fresh green pepper also chopped, olives, also chopped, 2 boiled eggs also chopped.
If you like, you can add some Corinto raisins (optional) salt, white pepper and a bit of red pepper powder.
If needed some consommé or a Knorr Suiza cube with some water to give a better flavor and obtain a rather juicy mixture.
Mix from time to time with a spoon.
It will be ready when the meat becomes brown colour.

Last minute important news
In most of USA supermarkets (specially in Miami and New York) you can buy the records already made!!!!!!!!!

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